Union is Strength, PPPSRS is Strength

Union is Strength, PPPSRS is Strength

Article 74 paragraph (1) of Law No. 20 of 2011 explicitly require the owner of the unit to form PPPSRS. The most owners of the units to be indifferent to the obligations resulting in the formation PPPSRS be hampered. The omission easily exploited by developers with a way to defend the rights management and divisive apartment owners not to form PPPSRS.

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia negligent issued Government Regulation and other supporting regulations until now, although mandated that was published at the latest one year from the date the Act was published.

Developers always take legal loophole, ranging from permitting the construction, sale and purchase agreement binding, etc.

Various clauses in the binding sale and purchase agreement even ensnare consumers to submit and adhere to the policies and changes in the period after purchase, which have violated the terms of Article 18 of the Consumer Protection Act. Consumers have the right to report violations to the police.

Strength of capital owned by the developer can “purchase or take advantage of” various “authority, policy or wisdom” which is owned by the officers / officials, including law enforcement and the owner of the unit.

The strength of the capital will be difficult to deal with by a person or a small group of owners of units, unless all owners unite to exercise their rights and obligations. That is the strength, union is strength. PPPSRS is Strength !


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